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Access Management Demo

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These days, its priority to have a plan for your schools security.

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Upgrade your community to reduce turn over and improve the value of your property.

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First impressions last. Which is why automating your visitors experience can make a big impression and still maintain your security.

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Hospitals, Medical Centers, and even Assisted Living Centers can benefit from contactless access.


You're a busy property manager. You've got a million things to do every day, and they're all competing for your attention. And if you're like most of the people we work with, you're probably also understaffed and overworked.

If that sounds like you, there's something you can do to make life easier: mobile access management.

Using a mobile credential makes it possible for every single person at your property to open, close, lock and unlock doors from anywhere in the world. This has enormous benefits: Mobile access management lets people you approve use their phones instead of key fobs or keys....

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